PUMP vs TAC (Best Shotgun)

62 000 Vizionare 1,8 mil

PUMP OR TAC? Fortnite has unvaulted the Tac Shotgun, so now we have to do a kill race to determine the better classic weapon! We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Mushy Fish
    Mushy Fish
    Acum 19 ore

    I’m not gonna lie tacs sound like tacos😂🤣

  2. Jenny Sams
    Jenny Sams
    Acum 21 oră

    Tacks suck pumps are the best

  3. R3V3RS3 441
    R3V3RS3 441
    Acum o Zi

    Need a shoutout

  4. Daniel Marthoz
    Daniel Marthoz
    Acum o Zi

    pump is obv the best

  5. bossmaxeo
    Acum o Zi

    jesse bot

  6. Rahand Hawre
    Rahand Hawre
    Acum o Zi

    Zambia 129

  7. zainab khan
    zainab khan
    Acum 2 Zile

    Lever shotguns vs pump shotgun

  8. Epikgamer129thegod
    Acum 2 Zile

    Pump is better cause I got a win with it

  9. Diyan Chokshi
    Diyan Chokshi
    Acum 2 Zile

    Jordan *wins 1v1 Jordan *has 10 less points than Jesse Jordan *says he wins

  10. FazeVader23
    Acum 2 Zile

    Yes i think the pump its better than tac

  11. Yikezz K
    Yikezz K
    Acum 3 Zile

    TAC GaNg where you at

  12. xzarius esmaili
    xzarius esmaili
    Acum 5 Zile

    or jordon

  13. xzarius esmaili
    xzarius esmaili
    Acum 5 Zile

    who likes jesse more

  14. bot level
    bot level
    Acum 5 Zile

    technically 15 plus 33 =48 is tha t the how many how mayn pts

  15. Renee Luciani
    Renee Luciani
    Acum 6 Zile

    If there the same rarity pump or pump lower rarity tac

  16. Lyric Davis
    Lyric Davis
    Acum 6 Zile


  17. Sam_ clips
    Sam_ clips
    Acum 6 Zile

    Primal shotgun vs tac

  18. Abdullahi Mohamed
    Abdullahi Mohamed
    Acum 6 Zile

    not fier his pump is gold and tac is blue

  19. Arnav Bansal
    Arnav Bansal
    Acum 6 Zile

    That raz might have been me

  20. Melissa Primicias
    Melissa Primicias
    Acum 6 Zile

    there build battle was only 49 seconds.......

  21. Hassan Alkhabbaz
    Hassan Alkhabbaz
    Acum 7 Zile

    Tomorrow is my birthday

  22. Sameera Ata
    Sameera Ata
    Acum 7 Zile


  23. Fishy Chris
    Fishy Chris
    Acum 8 Zile


  24. Amanda Walter
    Amanda Walter
    Acum 8 Zile

    Pumps are better

  25. DeluxRevstar
    Acum 9 Zile

    I love the fact that Jordan just came out and said that he casually had 56!! mech parts and then when you look at his bones he has 43 less than his mech parts

  26. Jayant Dasari
    Jayant Dasari
    Acum 9 Zile

    PAC is the best shotgun

  27. Arso MANG
    Arso MANG
    Acum 9 Zile

    Tactical is better then pump.Jesse was bot and thats why pump win.

  28. paddy 11
    paddy 11
    Acum 10 Zile

    It's not the shotgun it's the person who uses it

    Acum 10 Zile

    Nice video

  30. Oly Holy
    Oly Holy
    Acum 10 Zile


  31. Lane Coots
    Lane Coots
    Acum 10 Zile

    I love how they already know they will be the final two

  32. Jenny Wong
    Jenny Wong
    Acum 11 Zile

    Shockwave bow vs grapple bow

  33. julian green
    julian green
    Acum 11 Zile

    you are awsome

  34. Ashley Baume
    Ashley Baume
    Acum 12 Zile

    He said pumps are better I've wone a game with a tac though

  35. Raffay HAMEED
    Raffay HAMEED
    Acum 12 Zile

    I think the tac is still better tho

  36. Arren Stenman
    Arren Stenman
    Acum 12 Zile

    Jordan ”Hello sir✋ good bye sir”

  37. BaileeM10_LUFC
    Acum 13 Zile

    Pump is definitely better than the tac (I prefer the pump)

  38. Isaiah Trujillo
    Isaiah Trujillo
    Acum 13 Zile

    Pump tac trachcan

  39. Jackson Dunphy
    Jackson Dunphy
    Acum 13 Zile

    Jesse just got shit on sit down 7:35

  40. Krazy Cousin’s
    Krazy Cousin’s
    Acum 13 Zile

    It a ti

  41. Yam Florida
    Yam Florida
    Acum 13 Zile

    Tac but he had a blue tac AND Jordan gold

  42. James Collins
    James Collins
    Acum 14 Zile

    With my friends invented thunder tac

  43. Evan Wojciechowski
    Evan Wojciechowski
    Acum 14 Zile

    If you can do math you would now that the final 1v1 is 15 and they were so it was aurally a draw.

  44. Christopher Owens
    Christopher Owens
    Acum 15 Zile


  45. Crazy gamer2000
    Crazy gamer2000
    Acum 15 Zile

    Why do u yell like ninja and also u should play tilted tower zone wars in creative

  46. Zeyad Sadek
    Zeyad Sadek
    Acum 15 Zile


  47. Dan Backer
    Dan Backer
    Acum 16 Zile

    they do be god

  48. Umar Farooq
    Umar Farooq
    Acum 17 Zile

    In my eyes tac is better but for Jordan it’s pump so I gotta respect what he likes 👍

  49. Kano45 Playz
    Kano45 Playz
    Acum 17 Zile

    The spectators be like.... oh my god best build battle GIVE ME SOME POPCORN

  50. Acoustic Gaming
    Acoustic Gaming
    Acum 18 Zile

    This was unfair as Jordan had a gold weapon and Jesse had a blue redo it with same rarity

  51. ryan
    Acum 18 Zile

    God that will be amazing!!!

  52. Adam Mohammad
    Adam Mohammad
    Acum 18 Zile

    Wow dude idk if I can do this challenge

  53. JamesGGX2 Gaming
    JamesGGX2 Gaming
    Acum 19 Zile

    Jordan is very good without a pump but with a pump wow

  54. Brittany Dominguez
    Brittany Dominguez
    Acum 19 Zile

    The penitent butane rationally arrange because stamp apically open without a pumped part. alluring, lively hose

  55. Sindhu Ganesh
    Sindhu Ganesh
    Acum 19 Zile

    The tacs are trash

  56. 1234 5678
    1234 5678
    Acum 19 Zile

    it was unfair Jesse had blue tac and Jordan had gold pump

  57. Blankie Tv
    Blankie Tv
    Acum 19 Zile

    "tacs would never be better then pumps" tacs 😎 with the 8 bullets pumps 🤗 with the more damage

  58. NONclxsed
    Acum 20 Zile

    jessy getting the worse stuff

  59. Caroline Pedersen
    Caroline Pedersen
    Acum 20 Zile

    XD this is soo fun becuse først him they have the tack have soo many kils and the pump win!

  60. Nikolas Ramos
    Nikolas Ramos
    Acum 21 o Zi

    does Jesse ever win like bruh

  61. Naif Khaled
    Naif Khaled
    Acum 21 o Zi

    I love your channel and I subscribe in this channel please and thank

  62. Blazer Storm
    Blazer Storm
    Acum 21 o Zi

    I think the tac is better

  63. Adam Quintana
    Adam Quintana
    Acum 22 Zile

    I feel like every video Jordan wins

  64. Simeon Hutner
    Simeon Hutner
    Acum 22 Zile

    7:38 I was laughing so hard

  65. Christopher Himma
    Christopher Himma
    Acum 22 Zile

    Why jordan always gets petter gun

  66. mortal devils
    mortal devils
    Acum 22 Zile

    Tacs are better than pump easily tac had more points just because Jordan is better it doesn't mean that the pump is better

  67. Szabi_YT
    Acum 22 Zile

    Jordan ami bot and noob

  68. Hadi Saoudi
    Hadi Saoudi
    Acum 23 Zile

    jordan,,,,,,,, tacs are always better than pumps

  69. The Digletts
    The Digletts
    Acum 23 Zile

    Jesse still had more than Jordan he was 12 points a head

  70. Alessandro Boccia
    Alessandro Boccia
    Acum 23 Zile

    Tac Is best

  71. Ollie Harper
    Ollie Harper
    Acum 23 Zile

    Pump vs TAC Pump every day

  72. Jusstin Chavez
    Jusstin Chavez
    Acum 24 Zile

    Cool video

  73. Alphateric Gaming
    Alphateric Gaming
    Acum 24 Zile

    pump will always be pump

    Acum 25 Zile

    fnc .. pump

  75. Niko Peltola
    Niko Peltola
    Acum 25 Zile

    How you can be in same game when you play solo

  76. Chronical Beast
    Chronical Beast
    Acum 25 Zile

    I am so glad the infantry is back It just rinses people

    1. Me Me
      Me Me
      Acum 6 Zile

      Yea same

  77. Salamander
    Acum 25 Zile


  78. Månz Melin
    Månz Melin
    Acum 25 Zile

    Machenical shotgun vs primal shotgun ?🥂

  79. STG Yeet2966
    STG Yeet2966
    Acum 26 Zile

    7:36 Jordan screaming after the filthy headshot

  80. Outcast E R I
    Outcast E R I
    Acum 26 Zile

    Pump is better

  81. Rtas ‘Vadum
    Rtas ‘Vadum
    Acum 26 Zile

    Jesus Christ their voices are horrible

  82. DJ DD Wang
    DJ DD Wang
    Acum 26 Zile

    Tacs actually do more damage if you hit all the shots with the fastest attack Rate

  83. K B Arsenal YT
    K B Arsenal YT
    Acum 26 Zile

    I prefer tac bcs it's got a bigger hitbox

  84. verxz for Innovate
    verxz for Innovate
    Acum 27 Zile

    I'm not even done with the video and ik that pump wins.

  85. mighty puncher beide
    mighty puncher beide
    Acum 27 Zile

    Dont get box like a fisshhhhhhhhh!!!!

  86. Deck The-Destroyer
    Deck The-Destroyer
    Acum 27 Zile

    Try a primal shotgun vs pump video

  87. FaZe Sean
    FaZe Sean
    Acum 27 Zile

    Which team are you? Jesse or Jordan

  88. Raymond Dominguez
    Raymond Dominguez
    Acum 28 Zile

    Your righ frederik munk

  89. llg_melts
    Acum 28 Zile

    dude jessie won man

    Acum 28 Zile

    There both good

  91. πTRG Ajπ
    πTRG Ajπ
    Acum 28 Zile

    DEAR GOD 7:35

  92. Oscar Covarrubias Martínez
    Oscar Covarrubias Martínez
    Acum 28 Zile

    Tactical Shotgun vs Log Shotgun 😁🙂👌🏼

  93. Pepenin Dedesi
    Pepenin Dedesi
    Acum 29 Zile

    Im playing Tac very well

  94. joseph moewno
    joseph moewno
    Acum 29 Zile

    jesse always get the worst

  95. Mike Hernandez
    Mike Hernandez
    Acum 29 Zile


    Acum 29 Zile

    bros do a split screen so we can experience double the action👌

    Acum 29 Zile

    666 dislikes

  98. Gaming Bros
    Gaming Bros
    Acum 29 Zile

    Famous words from Jordan The tac will NEVER be better than the pump - Jordan

    Acum 29 Zile


  100. Siren walkers
    Siren walkers
    Acum 29 Zile

    I like pumps and tacs