Minecraft, But Doors Randomly Teleport You...

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Minecraft, But Doors Randomly Teleport You... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the game, BUT, every time I open a door, I am RANDOMLY TELEPORTED to somewhere on the map! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This is a really strange idea.
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  1. Wisp
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    1. Tia
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    2. Tia
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      I am jk

    3. Tia
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      I hate this video

    4. Tia
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      What does this data pack was made by awhiax

    5. Tia
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      What does that mean

  2. BSG Gaming
    BSG Gaming
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    Anywhere door 😂😂 Legends can understand this🔵😺

  3. Satish Nagpure
    Satish Nagpure
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  4. Hank Williams The Greatest Man To Sing
    Hank Williams The Greatest Man To Sing
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    Do we even know why third person spectating is a thing in Minecraft

  5. Jana's Family
    Jana's Family
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    make a real video fr obviously a clickbait

  6. August Toxværd
    August Toxværd
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    Wisp being sus: 6:42

  7. elm0_0of
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    I see what he did “this nether happens”

  8. Abu Ali
    Abu Ali
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    World record seed

  9. calvindwayne _zep
    calvindwayne _zep
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    Fake speed run because the door cannot be able to teleport to the other world :/

  10. Slackah 209
    Slackah 209
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    O love your video

  11. Bishesh Koirala
    Bishesh Koirala
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    Wait didn't he have more than 3 million subscribers

  12. SuperMarioPLAYER Player
    SuperMarioPLAYER Player
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    When you get mad at your fans for watching outdated videos and commenting on them. Lol I’m probably the only one on ROfree that watches out dated videos

  13. Michaelfaceguy Gaming
    Michaelfaceguy Gaming
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    Why are all of these so obviously fake? They don't even try.

  14. cathyontcanada
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    how did you get so lucky lol

  15. nath6062 nath6062
    nath6062 nath6062
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    Don’t you just love when you get “take aim” on the ender dragon 👌🏻

  16. Kroezer
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    Imagine in puts him in the end the very first door

  17. Mrs. Glow
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  18. Lee Peter
    Lee Peter
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    Just wondering what will happen when he is in the strong hold

  19. Alex. bobboi cool
    Alex. bobboi cool
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    Wisp:Im gonna go get some food here. Creeper gonna explode. Wisp:ahhhhhhhhhhh

  20. LaurenLikes! !
    LaurenLikes! !
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    4:47 me around new people

  21. Noon_Sunflower
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    SAD-ist needs to make an animation of him fighting the ender dragon

  22. Mango Man
    Mango Man
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    This reminds me of monster inc

  23. Richelle Sampson
    Richelle Sampson
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    You should set your spawn

  24. Richelle Sampson
    Richelle Sampson
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    Can you do a 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft

  25. El Gallo
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  26. LUKEE
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    Really? No one is gonna say anything about his lucky?

  27. Finn Agnew
    Finn Agnew
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    I think he’s the first to kill the ender dragon with a bow OMG

  28. Yose Dymz
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  29. Savagesnicker 21
    Savagesnicker 21
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  30. Savagesnicker 21
    Savagesnicker 21
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  31. Alex T
    Alex T
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    do u think your lucky when you spawn in a fortress? well ive spawned next to a mushroom feilds biome. without a set seed

  32. Victor Tshabalala
    Victor Tshabalala
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    Dude you have crazy luck

  33. That one Kid
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  34. Finnbadcop and toga gamez
    Finnbadcop and toga gamez
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    “This is the best video”

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  36. Jujuscool
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    4:00 idk if that pun was intended but I enjoyed it

  37. Smash 350
    Smash 350
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    U copy tapls intro

  38. The_ Abdullah
    The_ Abdullah
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    Just imagine if it teleports him to the farlands

  39. Maira Mubashar
    Maira Mubashar
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    This is the most intense fight I've ever seen 👏🏻😱😍

  40. SnowyDream
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    So you’re basically Beatrice...

  41. Jim Ewan
    Jim Ewan
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    Oh for goodness sakes leave al- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  42. Nyā
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    you didn't jump through the bedrock portal at the end so you never offically won

  43. 사랑해요
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    Why u said 1 door every min but at last u used it for 1 sec lol

  44. Talent Hub
    Talent Hub
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    Boom boom 😂😂 boom

  45. Bauer Dries
    Bauer Dries
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    It’s almost like you’re doing a fake speed run

  46. Artemis_Silver
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    fake because of the pickaxe in the bastion its an impossible spawn especially with the durability

    1. Artemis_Silver
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      and the shovel

    2. Artemis_Silver
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      so was the sword

  47. Ayden Petracca
    Ayden Petracca
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    He’s like I never panic 3 seconds later he panics hard as hell

  48. Growing Player
    Growing Player
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    U killed ender dragon in 2 days realllllly

  49. piyush
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  50. thomaschor
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    Wait I spawn in a bastion and a fortress

  51. I
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    “Yes a lava pool” “ let’s just do it or we might NETHER end up where we need to be” That’s a pun right there

  52. [Kri] DARKNESS
    [Kri] DARKNESS
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    “ where are your parents “ Wisp 2021-

  53. Lynda Allen
    Lynda Allen
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    When monster Inc tries a new door teleport onto Minecraft

  54. Zyhxre
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    This vid seem fake cuz of his luck

  55. Teagan Conway
    Teagan Conway
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    You should try and mix two challenges together

  56. Aschriel Dergoatboi1945
    Aschriel Dergoatboi1945
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    Alternate Title: Random Cartoon Everywhere Door That You Don't Want Fell in Lava

  57. Javier Nymmo Pradana
    Javier Nymmo Pradana
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    This is the luckiest video from wisp ever i watched

  58. Gunny BunnyVR
    Gunny BunnyVR
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    That is the luckiest nether portal I’ve ever seen

  59. hasan
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    I find fortress 50 times is that a world record?

  60. finlay mulligan
    finlay mulligan
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    there was a blue biome behind the fortress

  61. Junior not good
    Junior not good
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    Acum o Zi


  63. Avedish Animations
    Avedish Animations
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    This dude gets stacked on the regular , Imagine him doing a hundred days challenge: full netherite gear on the 5th day🙃

  64. taBle gaming
    taBle gaming
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    Me: * tries to go into my house * This mod: nah man go to an end city instead lol

  65. Elli Sahm
    Elli Sahm
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    I just found you and you are amazing. Its so funny what your saying. I love it. Good Luck

  66. Rami Alshareef
    Rami Alshareef
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    Best item in the game: netherite pick

  67. in a hole on a hole
    in a hole on a hole
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    3:38 are you sure

  68. Lily Hicks
    Lily Hicks
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    I love when he sayd that he dose not panic and like 5 min later he was panicking

  69. LoCraft
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    I love spending my time with you guys ✅

  70. Dianne Smith
    Dianne Smith
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    At 4.43 he was scared he just wanted to make himself cool

  71. SuperSquidnado
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    Ok u get flint first try and I get flint after 32 gravel?

  72. Lazar Lolić
    Lazar Lolić
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    Bles u

  73. Nazeen Akhtar
    Nazeen Akhtar
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    Are you in England

  74. Nasib Kalyango
    Nasib Kalyango
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    Nah that wasn’t luck at all that’s seeds

  75. Dvd_2d_overkill gameing
    Dvd_2d_overkill gameing
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    Ha cool man

  76. Kauséy
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    what's the song at 0:10 (i know it's from Zelda but what is the title pls)

  77. EDvDemo
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    The door *is* the stronghold

  78. The life of Ava
    The life of Ava
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    6:52 “WHATTT?!?!”

  79. Alex Uchiha
    Alex Uchiha
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    Dream is quaking.

  80. jinkun jiang
    jinkun jiang
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    game react put your vid on his vid it heard scream 😄

  81. Kunal Bhadana
    Kunal Bhadana
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    Its the anywhere dore of doreamon

  82. Evin's Comics
    Evin's Comics
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    Eaaasy..... Just don't use doors and beat the game normally

  83. SpicyFish
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    I slammed my finger 1time with a door who else

  84. John Slater
    John Slater
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  85. Karis is a GIRL Which GIRL is A PERSON
    Karis is a GIRL Which GIRL is A PERSON
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    I bet Wisp won’t pin this

  86. yeet king
    yeet king
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    This video is 99.99999876531251 fake

  87. Kendrick the Incredible
    Kendrick the Incredible
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    One time i saw opidon and dmes and api

  88. Amina Bano
    Amina Bano
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    Soo cool

  89. Ataki Braveheart
    Ataki Braveheart
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  90. Foamy Gamez
    Foamy Gamez
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    This mans throat is a absolute legend

  91. GOGI PRO
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  92. doğan can exe.
    doğan can exe.
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    G-O-D S-E-E-D

  93. Steve Jones
    Steve Jones
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    No this is not real

    Acum 2 Zile

    U had a sharpness 5 axe!!!!!

  95. syedmuzaffer ahmed
    syedmuzaffer ahmed
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    thanks for your vids

  96. Noob Life
    Noob Life
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    Ok not to hate but. Wisp. One door a minute, 30 seconds later door time 10 seconds later door time. And set seed. Spawning on a fortres! And Much more

  97. Jolly Ninja _
    Jolly Ninja _
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    I just love ur weird ideas ❤️

  98. Elite Releases
    Elite Releases
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    The breakable shovel fifthly introduce because mass developmentally attack aboard a numberless herring. pumped, uttermost bird

  99. ɴᴜᴛᴇʟʟᴀ ᴡᴏʟfii
    ɴᴜᴛᴇʟʟᴀ ᴡᴏʟfii
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    fortnite kids disliking this video

  100. BB O
    BB O
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    what the blood