fortnite broke pickaxes...

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fortnite is broken again...

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      When the beat went up my heart jumped

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    Hope Loves Unicorns
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    when you get brocken down a ba jillion times 🤣🤣

  7. Fortnite at 50
    Fortnite at 50
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    This is hilarious. I've watched that part right before you reboot Tweaks like 12 times. It cracks me up every time.

  8. Rebecca Lepou
    Rebecca Lepou
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    McCreamy:"he had so many mats" Also McCreamy:getting more mats*

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    matteo gaming
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    "There is 20 people left hello" Those another 10 people do we not exist

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    The clever weeder immediately steer because feeling acutely extend outside a trite loaf. young, unarmed missile

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    Savage fortnite 00
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    7:05 spoungebob

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    "I'm gonna sky base in 1 shot this has never been done before" literally last match "There are kids sky basing"

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    Packers69 :(
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    Last season I stayed in storm whole game at slurpy

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    Your Local Villager
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    Mcreamy: HAHA you lose to the Skybase legend!! Lazarbeam: Am I a joke to you?

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    how can i join xd clan

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  35. Tornadoboi storm chaser.
    Tornadoboi storm chaser.
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    Due to an issue, we have temparelily removed pickaxes :Epic

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    Tigutommi __
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    2:54 no you got the THICKEST base ever

  44. Cody Ciampo
    Cody Ciampo
    Acum lună

    The reason why this is possible is because the storm is programmed to deal damage based on the maximum amount of health you can have but the slurp pipe is programmed to heal based on the amount of health and when the max health is two, the only tick that can kill you is ten because the game is ran off of a 100.75 bit integer

  45. Yahir Valdovinos
    Yahir Valdovinos
    Acum lună

    McCreamy: I am going to sky base in one shot never been done before McCreamy Previous game : he's sky basing so we can't shoot him down

  46. Logan Boyce
    Logan Boyce
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    He shot over there

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    Popping Ain't Easy
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    Mau is funny live in pineapple under the sea

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    Mikey Concannon
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    Last week there was a glitch that is u do 37 damage with star wand

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