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Eagles: The Kings of the Sky | Free Wildlife Documentary
Watch: "The Golden Eagle: King of the Mountains" here: rofree.info/one/video/zs-Ja62An8uep4Y.html
Whether in Alaska or in the Dolomites, eagles are generally seen as Kings of the skies. This film devotes itself on the one hand to the bald eagle, the heraldic bird of the United States, and on the other, the Golden Eagle, Europe's largest predatory bird. Many bald eagles live in the Chilkoot State Park in Alaska's south. In fact, more than 400 pairs reside there for the entire year. With a wingspan of some 2.5 metres, they are amongst the largest of their species. The offspring have to leave the eyrie by September at the latest, as then, winter sets in.
On clear, starry nights, one can experience the Northern Lights. There are certain places where especially many eagles group. 3000 to 4500 of them. Because, beneath the Chilkat ice blanket, chum salmon feel at home. The reason for this is the volcanic activity of the surrounding areas. Hot sources feed the different tributaries of the Chilkat. It is the fourth and final salmon migration of the year - nowhere else does this take place so late in the year.
This combination of ice-free water and spawning fish facilitates the survival of many young eagles through their first winter. In the Dolomites, we observe a Golden Eagle couple and their offspring. The strategy of hunter and hunted is impressively documented. For the very first time we experience a groundhog's fight for survival, attempting to flee the eagles' eyrie at a height of 2000 meters, despite the fact this means confrontation with the eagle's offspring. Golden Eagles have virtually conquered the entire northern hemisphere. But the future hunting grounds of the young eagles belongs to the most beautiful: the Dolomites - as majestic as the Kings of the skies.
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    The eagle is a very powerful bird over other birds. It has the ability to catch some animals for food, but it's wondering how big it is and how much it catches. Flying to refer to that animal?

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    I froze during the plucked marmot baby eagle scene. Incredible footage!

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    I'm gonna have nightmares about this video. That poor Marmot, I always assume (and hope) the prey die fast. I'm the person those pre-video warnings are for. Other than that scene, GREAT video.

    1. Ofinfinitejest
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      What follows applies to all prey species and predators, so you might want to think about it this way: if prey species overpopulate due to lack of predators, then endless numbers of them slowly starve to death, or are ravaged by diseases that spread rapidly. If predators can't kill prey they also will slowly starve to death in agony, as will their young. There's a lot of predation I can't watch either, but the balance of nature works.

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    I was expecting to see the first flight!

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    even the eagles naturally comply with the rules of the house.

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    so eagles have their festivals, and even travel.....interesting...

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      I think harpes eagles are the biggest. I've never seen one but I have seen the bald eagle in person and it's crazy how big they are. I'm a 6'3 215 ibs grown man in great shape and one of those eagles would kill me in a fight🤣

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    I love animals...and documentaries on nature but watching detailed, close up footage of creatures being devoured by predators is uncomfortable. I totally understand the laws of nature and their raw form, but it is still unpleasant to see a full display of them. Back in the 70's until the mid 80's such graphic and long segments were not shown. Anyone else here feels the same way?

    1. shaharyar babar
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      I feel that more watching four legged animals go thru it... weird.

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