Dog Reaction to Cutting Cake 🤣 - Funny Dog Cake Reaction Compilation | Pets House

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Dog Reaction to Cutting Cake 🤣 - Funny Dog Cake Reaction Compilation | Pets House
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    Plot twist = They were trained 🤫

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    in the first one the dog is like hello their fellow dog and when it sees the head being chopped off it like holy sh*t

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      but the one where the dog brings back the bowl I'm like wtf is the dog a cannible?!?!?!

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      like hell no you are not getting me

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      my favorite ones are when the dog runs into the cage and shuts the door

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      well actually in all of them

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    Jerusalem is Palestine's capital 🇵🇸💛❤ كل من هو عربي يدوس لايك

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    Well now the dog decide to go in there kennel

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    ㅋㅋㅋ 웃기긴 한데, 내가 개 입장이면 PTSD오지게 올 듯...

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    The mom is like no you no doing that to my pup

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    Were did you find the cakes

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    That's one way how to get your dog in a cage

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    I forget country janpan or korea eating dog 🐶🐕

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    Stop dog cake eating dog animal are frightening stop this culture make

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    It’s pretty funny how when they have that big like a nice thing and the dogs just literally drag that other small dog out the door like we gotta go you gotta go he’s gonna start chopping us up to we got to go like now like we gotta go we got to go little dogs just like wait why I’m trying I’m trying to nap here why are you dragging me stop

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    Sheep dog sounds like a chimpanzee don’t prank the dogs

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    i just got a "save the dogs" ad after clicking in this

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